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January 29, 2009


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Heather Hildebrand

Well , I must say that I was divinely guided here today, and now I know why. I have been writing about this very same topic...so it feels good to connect with a soul who totally understands the depth of feelings that accompany a loving but many times overwhelmed heart that has the desire to accomplish all. This is our journey, our path and our lessons. How does one give all that they hope to give without depleting that source of power within and strength within that somehow must stay nourished.
I had to laugh when I read about you picking up painting supplies. For over a month now I have been guided to do the same thing for myself and Dalton and Demi.....yet I have let that neverending list of things to do divert me from following the guidance to nurture myself and enjoy the creative process with my two beautiful loves. It is hurtful to think that we miss out on opportunities to connect with the people who we dearly love. It is also disappointing to look back at choices I have made that may not have been the best. Choices made because I thought that that person would UNDERSTAND because they know my busy schedule ect.....and there will be time later to catch up. Most times that opportunity has to be created, scheduled and made important, for those neverending lists are just that NEVERENDING.
I guess my purpose for this response is to validate for you that you are not alone.
I too am one of the multi-tasking lightworker, mother, wife , daughter , friends who has not always had the time (made the time ) to not only connect with all of those I love and nourish those relationships BUT equally important , not taken the time to nourish my own inner light and soul. AS I have often heard said we must pencil ourselves in on our calendars with all of the other important to do's and appointments. If you would look at my calendar now you would not see me on there at all. This however CAN change as you wrote above. So rather than look back at past perceived failures I look forward with you to what waht the desires of my heart are. Balance .......the word feels peaceful. So with that being said, I hold the Sacred Space of BALANCE and PERFECT PEACE to reside within and around you.
Remember that you are a Blessing!
Much Love, Heather Hildebrand

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